The 2015 NZ Mural Contest and Arts Festival

The 2015 NZ Mural Contest and Arts Festival will be the 5th we have organised.  This biennial festival promotes mural and sculptural art and involves a number of community and ethnic events.  With each festival, the number and quality of mural artists we attract has improved to the point now where this festival is considered a major forum for outdoor art in New Zealand.

The Festival will commence on 29th September 2015 with an opening event for the artists and public and conclude with a prize-giving ceremony on 4th October.  Mural artists will be asked to submit their interpretation of the festival theme and those selected will be invited to complete their mural in public locations during the festival.

We hope that you get a chance to come and experience why we are NZ Mural Town and watch the magic of murals being painted during the week.

We have a fantastic line up of events over the week that will suit all ages and interests.

Its Festival Time – Get Involved!


3 Comments on “The 2015 NZ Mural Contest and Arts Festival

    • Hi Gloria, there is a Mural Competiton but entries for that have closed. We do still have a photography and scuplture competition open. All the details are on the website or flick me your email and I will send them to you. Thanks Jacqui

  1. Hi there, just querying if the photography entries have closed already?


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